I perform custody evaluations, mediation and co-parenting facilitation, and reunification therapy. I also serve as a Parenting Coordinator. I currently provide these services with close consultation and supervision by Dr. Neil Ribner, Ph.D.

  • Parent Coordination: Parenting Coordination (PC) is an alternative dispute resolution process for parents who are divorcing. It combines assessment, education, case management, conflict resolution and, sometimes, decision-making functions. A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is typically appointed by a court order or private consent agreement to help parents implement, modify and comply with the parenting plan. PCs assist parents by providing: (1) education about co-parenting and parental communication; (2) the psychological and developmental needs of the children; (3) strategies to manage conflict and reduce the negative effects on children; and (4) effective post-separation parenting.

  • Mediation and Co-parenting Facilitation

  • Reunification Therapy

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